A Word from Pastor Bish

“And he came by the Spirit into the temple: and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law…” Luke 2:27

This verse refers to a little known character in the Christmas story named Simeon. He had been told by God that he would see the Lord’s Christ before he died. On the day when Joseph and Mary brought the baby Jesus into the Temple for his dedication, it just so happened that Simeon was also there. Or was it more than that?

Actually, Simeon was there because he was led of the Holy Spirit to be there that day. Because he was yielded to the Spirit of God he was in the right place at the right moment and was able to see the Son of God with his very own eyes! Had he not been such a person, he would have missed out on the great blessing the Lord had in store for him.

I wonder, when it comes to the blessings of the Lord, just how much we miss out on because we are not yielded to Him the way Simeon was. We let our feelings or our flesh guide our decisions rather than our faith and in doing so we do not get to see the Lord the way Simeon did, nor do we get to be used of the Lord the way he was.

Allow the Lord to lead you today! Give Him control of your actions and your choices. He will never lead your wrong and you will never regret following Him!

May the Christ that Simeon met that day in the Temple be very real to you today and throughout this Christmas season!

Pastor Bish